IPFS file pinning service with on-chain settlement


IPFS-BCH allows to publish user content on IPFS with ease, in a permissionless fashion. No KYC or registartion needed.
It is an ideal tool to upload your BCMR data and use it in your applications.

This service is in beta and provided to you as is without any liability for lost funds.
Current fee rate for file upload is 0 BCH, max file size is 0kb.
Only one file can be uploaded at a time.
In case the service receives a malformed transaction, excessive file size or insufficient funds, you will be refunded.
If you send excessive funds over the fee limit, you will receive your change back.

How does it work?

One needs to send a simple Bitcoin Cash transaction to this service's deposit address.
The transaction must pay a pinning fee and specify the URL of a remote file which needs to be pinned on IPFS using an OP_RETURN output.
The OP_RETURN format is the following:
<'IPBC'> <'PIN'> <'URL'>
, where
denotes a data chunk pushed to bitcoin VM stack.
The IPFS-BCH service constantly monitors the deposit address and upon arrival of a pin request transaction will download the remote file and upload it to IPFS.
It will then send a transaction to the reciept address, with one output being an OP_RETURN in the following format:
<'IPBC'> <'DONE'> <'TXID'> <'CID'>
here is the hash of the deposit transaction. This field allows to link the deposit and receipt transactions.
field is the content identifier of the uploaded file on the IPFS.
Pinning files on IPFS can be easily scripted in your workflows usingmainnet.cash

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